General Situation Of Development Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry In China
Nov 30, 2018

According to IMS Healthcare Incorporated, the global pharmaceutical market maintained solid growth in 2010-2013, from $793.6 billion in 2010 to $899.3 billion in 2013, and the pharmaceutical market began to grow relatively rapidly in 2014, mainly due to The United States market has launched a large number of new drugs in the 2014 years, reducing the impact of patent cliffs. The compound growth rate reached 6.14% per cent in 2010-2015, with the international drug market expected to enter a slow growth cycle in 2015-2019.

But with drugs in rigid demand, net growth is expected to be strong in the future, and the world drug market will be close to $1.22 trillion trillion by 2019. At present, with the industrial structure adjustment of large multinational pharmaceutical companies, the transfer of transnational production and the further refinement of the international division of Labor, China has become an important intermediate production base in the global division of labor in the pharmaceutical industry. China's pharmaceutical intermediates industry has formed from scientific research and development to production and sales of a more complete system.

From the development of pharmaceutical intermediates in the world, China's overall technology level is still relatively low, a large number of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and patented new drugs supporting intermediate products production enterprises are less, is in the product structure optimization and upgrading of the development stage. 2011 to present, China's chemical pharmaceutical intermediates Industry output value of annual growth, has now exceeded 200 billion yuan output value. The production of chemical pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China is also increasing year by year, 2013, China's chemical pharmaceutical intermediates production of 568,300 tons, export volume of 65,700 tons, to 2015 China's chemical pharmaceutical intermediates production of about 676,400 tons.

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