Characteristics Of Chinese Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry
Nov 30, 2018

Oversupply, dependence on exports China's pharmaceutical intermediates overall market is dominated by oversupply, and is extremely dependent on exports. China's exports are mainly concentrated in vitamin C, penicillin, acetaminophen, citric acid and its salt and ester and other bulk products, these commodities production is very large, manufacturers are also many, so the competition is fierce. Some of these technical content requirements are not high, its output is more widespread, thus forming a overall situation of supply and demand inequality.

At present, many large enterprises are making efforts to improve the technical content of products in order to change this supply and demand situation and increase the value of product accessories.

Private mainly, small investment scale

China's pharmaceutical intermediates enterprises are mostly private enterprises, flexible operation, small investment scale, basically between millions of and 10 million or 20 million yuan.

Layout set, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area as the center

The geographical distribution of pharmaceutical intermediates enterprises in China is relatively concentrated, mainly centered on Taizhou, Zhejiang province and Jintan, Jiangsu province.

Fast Product update Speed Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry product update speed is fast, generally 3-5 years after the market profit margin will be greatly reduced, forcing enterprises to constantly develop new products or improve the process, in order to obtain higher profits.

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