Barriers In The Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry
Nov 30, 2018

Although the pharmaceutical intermediates industry does not have so many rules compared to the API or preparation industry, but also a certain degree of difficulty.

Customer barriers The pharmaceutical industry is monopolized by a small number of multinational pharmaceutical companies, medical oligarchs are very cautious in the choice of outsourcing service providers, and the inspection period for new suppliers is generally longer.

Pharmaceutical CMO Enterprises need to meet the communication mode of different customers, and need to accept a long period of continuous assessment to obtain the trust of downstream customers, and then become their core suppliers.

Technical Barriers Whether we can provide high-tech value-added services is the foundation of Pharmaceutical outsourcing service enterprises. Pharmaceutical CMO Enterprises need to break through the original route of technical bottlenecks or blockades and provide pharmaceutical process optimization routes to effectively reduce the cost of drug production.

Without long-time, high-cost R & amp; d Investment and technology reserves, it is difficult for enterprises outside the industry to truly enter the industry.

Talent Barriers Pharmaceutical technology innovation and industrial operation, the need for a large number of excellent R & amp; d, production management personnel and project executives.

CMO Enterprises to establish a pattern of behavior in line with CGMP standards, it is difficult to establish a competitive R & amp; D and production Elite team in a short period of time.

Barriers to quality supervision

FDA and other drug regulators have increasingly stringent quality regulatory requirements, and products that have not been vetted cannot enter the importing country's market.

Environmental regulatory Barriers Pharmaceutical enterprises with backward technology will bear high cost of pollution control, high energy consumption, low value-added products mainly traditional pharmaceutical enterprises will face accelerated elimination, adhere to technological innovation, the development of green pharmaceutical technology has become the future development direction of pharmaceutical CMO industry.

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