Overview of pesticide intermediates industry in China
Nov 30, 2018

China has produced more than 800 kinds of pesticide intermediates, production of nearly 4.9 million tons.

China's pesticide industry has established from the original drug production, intermediates supporting to the preparation processing, including a more complete industrial industry. With the development of new pesticides in the country, the development of some special intermediates has developed rapidly, such as fluorinated, cyanide-containing, heterocyclic intermediates, of which more prominent are chrysanthemum pesticide intermediates, such as chrysanthemum acid, two chloroacetic acid, butyric acid, ether aldehyde, propylene alcohol ketone. These intermediates can now be produced in China, the production sites are currently mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu regions. In addition, some pesticide intermediates process technical reform is also more active, the main results obtained are: isoprene synthesis of frequency ketone, methanol carbonyl synthesis of formic acid, acetic anhydride catalytic synthesis of chloroacetic acid, diethyl parathion methyl chloride new process, directional crystallization extraction of fine naphthalene, directional chlorination production of two chlorobenzene, phase transfer catalytic reaction, The synthesis of chlorine acetyl chloride by double ethylene ketone and the production of aromatic amine compounds by catalytic hydrogenation were produced. In this period, the pesticide intermediates produced in China can basically meet the needs of the pesticide industry, but there are still some intermediates still need to be imported, such as methyl alginate, Deltamethrin, O-Cresol, Cresol, phthalates, furan, pyridine and its salts, piperidine (six hydrogen pyridine), Polyformaldehyde and so on. Among the imported products, some are domestic production, but the quantity or quality can not meet the production requirements; the other part is not yet produced in China.

In recent years, China's pesticide intermediates import amount of about 100 million U.S. dollars. In order to meet the requirements of pesticide development, pesticide product structure adjustment and shorten the gap with the pesticide industry abroad, pesticide intermediates will focus on the development of the following products in the future: pesticide intermediates that can not be produced in China, intermediates for alternatives to highly toxic pesticides, pesticide intermediates containing heterocyclic, pesticide intermediates containing fluorine, pesticide intermediates for chiral pesticides.

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