Fluorine-containing pesticide intermediates
Nov 30, 2018

Fluorine is often used instead of hydrogen or chlorine when seeking ways to improve biological activity. This substitution can greatly improve the efficacy of pesticides, the introduction of fluorine atoms in the pyrethroid structure, will improve the efficacy of pests, and has the effect of killing mites, so fluorinated pyrethroid has been concerned. However, in order to prepare the most active compound, it is necessary to select the fluorine generation position of the excimer.

Fluorine atom insertion plays a key role in bioactivity, but fluorine replaces hydrogen often reduces activity, but the most active compounds often contain fluorine atoms in some locations of the molecular structure, while the preparation of high-activity fluorinated compounds must have fluorinated intermediates, so it is necessary to study and develop fluorinated intermediates. China's fluorine intermediates manufacturers have more than 50, mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui and Liaoning provinces and regions, the production of a considerable variety, but mainly services in the pharmaceutical industry, but these production enterprises small scale, a single variety, products are mainly exported abroad, and pesticide fluorinated intermediates manufacturers are not many, It is mainly the corresponding production plant of fluorinated pesticides. China's fluorinated pesticide intermediates to actively develop, we should establish a certain economic scale of enterprises, at the same time the establishment of multi-functional production equipment, production technology similar products, not only to technological innovation, improve the level of technology, but also pay attention to environmental protection issues, reduce "three wastes", energy saving and consumption reduction, and gradually achieve scale and serialization, With the development of fluorinated intermediates needed in the pharmaceutical industry, not only to meet the export, but also to ensure domestic demand, in order to make China's pesticide fluorinated intermediates to flourish.

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