Development prospect of pharmaceutical intermediates industry
Nov 30, 2018

At present, the research direction of drug intermediates is mainly embodied in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, fluorinated compounds, chiral compounds, biological compounds and so on.

There is still a certain gap between the development of pharmaceutical intermediates in China and the requirements of pharmaceutical industry, some products have higher technical level requirements, domestic can not organize production, basic dependence on imports, such as anhydrous piperazine, propionic acid and so on.

Although some products in the quantity can meet the requirements of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, but the cost is higher, the quality does not pass, affecting the competitiveness of pharmaceutical products, the need to improve production processes, such as TMB, P-aminophenol, D-PHPG and so on.

Research into the world's new drugs is expected to focus on the following 10 types of drugs over the next few years:

Brain function Improvement Drugs

Anti-rheumatoid arthritis drugs

Anti-AIDS drugs

Anti-hepatitis and other viral drugs

Lipid lowering drugs

Antithrombotic drugs

Anti-tumor drugs

Platelet activating factor antagonist

Glycosides in the arm

Antidepressants Anti-schizophrenia and anti-anxiety drugs

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