Analysis on market prospect of pesticide industry
Nov 30, 2018

Pesticide industry analysis said that from the global pesticide market sales structure, the current herbicide in the current possession of the world's largest pesticide market share.

Global agricultural pesticide sales amounted to $51.21 billion in 2015, with the largest share of herbicides in the world, accounting for about 42.3%, followed by pesticides and fungicides, with a share of 28% and 26.8%, respectively. In terms of regional distribution, with the level of economic development and the gradual improvement of the level of agricultural modernization, the demand for pesticides in Asia and Latin America is rising, and has become the world's most important pesticide consumer market.

In 2016, agricultural pesticide sales in Asia and Latin America amounted to $13.866 billion and $13.076 billion, respectively, ranking first and second. Through the analysis of the market prospect of pesticide industry, since 21st century, China's pesticide industry has developed rapidly, and gradually formed a more complete pesticide industrial market covering scientific research and development, raw drug production, preparation processing, raw materials, intermediates matching, toxicity measurement, residue analysis, safety evaluation and popularization and application, etc. and has developed into the world's largest producer and exporter of pesticides.

In the 2001-2016, the production of chemical pesticides in China increased from 787,200 tons to 3.778 million tons, with a compound growth rate of 11.02%. With the deepening of the global division of Pesticide production, China, with its full range of cost advantages and increasingly mature technological advantages, has gradually become the world's main production base of pesticides and one of the major pesticide exporters, the global market about 70% of pesticide raw drugs produced in China, China's pesticide products exported to more than 180 countries, The market covers Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Europe and other regions. In the 2016, China exported 1.4 million tons of pesticides, an increase of 19.16%, the export amount of 3.708 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 4.63%.

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